Pavel Büchler, Acid & Nicotine, Press Release

16th January – 2nd March 2013
Private view: Tuesday 15th January 2013, 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Max Wigram Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Pavel Büchler’s first show in the \\BACK GALLERY\\, a new expansion of the current exhibition space at 106 New Bond Street.

A distinguished artist and professor, Büchler recently received the prestigious Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists. Here we present for the first time a series of Acid and Nicotine drawings.

The drawings are made with car battery acid, which is processed using the heat from the artist’s cigarette. Each carefully crafted image represents the hand of a cultural icon from recent literary and cinematic history. Referencing the fading iconography of the smoker in culture, the works also reflect the artist’s long-term interest in process and materials.

In this selection, the artist’s choices are revealing. We are presented with iconic personalities from 20th Century art theory and philosophy, which reflect Büchler’s own influences and interests. Sartre, Barthes, Burroughs – these portraits carry a personal note, particularly in the work entitled The Greatest Minds of My Generation; but they also resonate more widely, to discuss ideas of art education and theory, and its broader interpretation by practitioners.